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Fileroom is a secure, one-stop content creation services platform for small, medium and large enterprises. Fileroom is not a freelance marketplace, we are a full-service online content production agency with scale.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new cloud based, service delivery platform. Our platform has been designed and built on secure Heroku and Salesforce infrastructure to save our customers valuable time in the production and delivery of business and marketing communications content. We are very excited about the value it will add to our customers.


Included in the fileroom platform are three integrated offerings:
  1. A free collaborative, content production and brand asset management workspace.

  2. On-demand print, digital and video communications content creation services delivered online through the platform, with an online pricing calculator for straightforward jobs to streamline the ordering process.

  3. Value-added business and consulting expertise from the pioneers of fileroom integrated into the service delivery process of every project.

According to Emma Ruefli, Founder and Managing Director of fileroom, “The fileroom platform is a way to embed a full-service content production team into every organisation, enabling time savings and improved productivity. We achieve this for our clients by taking the pain and frustration away in the content creation, production and review process. We combine a unique and seamless strategic ability to understanding our customers business objectives in our service delivery model, which is often absent in the delivery of similar services between freelancers and other agencies with their customers.”

The idea for fileroom came from Founder, Emma Ruefli’s other business, Market Fever, a boutique marketing and management consulting business and long career in strategic management and marketing roles in start-ups and larger private, not for profit and government organisations. “Effective communications are central to all successful internal and external business and marketing initiatives. We want to bring an easy, convenient delivery to the marketplace as so much time and money can be wasted in the creation and production process when strategy isn’t understood in the mix.” Explains Emma

Fileroom is here as an alternative for time poor business professionals and companies without available resources. The core platform is free and easy to use, and we have a highly talented, scalable team with impressive backgrounds. We have all the skills to write, edit, design, format, animate, illustrate and produce print, digital and video communications meant for any purpose.  From brochures, commercials and advertisements to policies, procedures, tender, grant and award submissions – we have the in-house experience to do it all.

We love building brands and are great at what we do. We also have a frequent file program so our customers can earn points to redeem against future orders for extra value.

Sign-up here, look around and get started. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Headquartered in Perth, fileroom delivers services Australia wide, and globally, with team members located around Australia.